Selasa, 11 September 2012

Clues For Working with Individuals with Developing Disabilities

Here are some concepts to help you and everyone get along with those who have developmental problems. I gathered these while viewing a buddy. I seemed these concepts over and noticed that these concepts are great for getting along with everyone . . . not just those who developmental problems -- in almost any situation. See if you're already using some of these in your work areas. If not, you should be.

Tips and Suggestons:

    SMILE and be friendly.
    Concentrate on capabilities, not problems.
    Remember a individual is a individual first with a impairment second.
    Be positive, have a excellent mind-set and be individual.
    Motivate by enjoying excellent actions.
    Assist by explainging what to do, rather than what not to do.
    Make guidelines simple and clear.
    Discuss clearly, and gradually, be specific.
    Discuss to and with others -- not at them.
    Divert complicated actions.
    Identify workouts and get ready people advance for surprising changes in schedule.
    Be attentive and conscious.
    Identify restrictions and sustain them.